Being a “Utility Data Champion” at the IWA Congress in Kigali – What it meant for us and looking ahead to Toronto!

Guilherme Almeida Monteiro
Guilherme Almeida Monteiro World Bank Group

December saw a group of NewIBNET member utilities attending the large IWA Water and Development Congress in Kigali.  The International Water Association (IWA), the conference host, had partnered with the NewIBNET team in sponsoring the attendance of five Utility Professionals – as part of a global competition - who had convinced their organizations to submit Key Performance Indicators and a short assessment on their management practices to the NewIBNET Data Platform.  Out of 70+submissions from all over the world, Utilities from Kenya, Ethiopia, Timor Leste, Bangladesh and the Philippines won the competition, traveling to Kigali to connect with and learn from the 500+ other conference attendees.


What was their experience?  And how did the topic “Data for Decision Making” – that is at the heart of the NewIBNET initiative – feature at the conference?  How can your utility participate in the next learning event in Toronto mid 2024?  


To find out, join the webinar Utility Data Champion” at the IWA Congress in Kigali – What it meant for us! and looking ahead to Toronto!” to be held on February 19 at 6:00 am EST time (11:00 AM UTC, 07:000 pm Manila, 05:00 pm Dhaka 02:00 pm Nekemte and Kisumu)


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