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UoFlogoThis Community provides a forum where professionals involved in water supply and sanitation around the world can come together to share experience and knowledge. The site provides groups for discussion, learning and training opportunities and access to resources.  

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Taking Water and Sanitation Utilities Beyond the Next Level - About Utility of the Future

Since 2019, the World Bank and its partners have been working with utilities throughout the world via the Utility of the Future (UoF) Program, developed with support from the Global Water Security and Sanitation Partnership (GWSP). UoF is a novel approach that integrates learnings from decades of analytical work and technical assistance to water utilities, including the Water Utility Turnaround Framework. Other studies, including a review of successful urban water utility reforms, support the robustness of this approach. The UoF Program is growing, and a total of 85 utilities in 33 countries have already received UoF support to date, with promising results around the world.  www.worldbank.org/uof

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