Learning at Kigali Initiative

A NewIBNET and IWA Collaboration to bring member Utilities to Learn at the IWA Congress in Kigali



What is the Initiative?

The Learn at Kigali Initiative offers an opportunity for water and sanitation utilities worldwide to learn at the IWA Water and Development Congress in Kigali this December. By submitting your KPIs and Management Practices, you afford yourself a chance to be selected for a complete conference package, including travel and accommodation. 

"This initiative is a unique opportunity to recognize utilities from around the world who commit to becoming a NewIBNET member while also inviting them to contribute to vibrant learning exchanges and building new relationships at one of the key knowledge sharing events in the sector.Marco Aguero, Sr. Water and Sanitation Specialist, World Bank.

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What is in it for you? 


Selected Utilities*:  

  1. The Full Conference Participation Package for the IWA Congress in Kigali: including (air) travel to Kigali from the next larger city with an airport, cost of the transport from Kigali airport to the conference venue, hotel coverage for the time of the conference, and the full conference fee. 

  2. The opportunity to connect with Water and Sanitation Professionals worldwide, both at the Kigali IWA Congress and through the associated online networking opportunities before and after that

All Participating Utilities

  1. The opportunity to join a global network of leaders and staff at Water and Sanitation Utilities

  2. The opportunity to connect with and be part of the NewIBNET learning opportunities. 


* 5 Utilities will be randomly picked during the Announcement event on November 13th. 

Key Dates: 

Oct 16: Launch of the Initiative

Oct 19: Introductory Webinar


Nov 10: Deadline to Submit the Data

Nov 11-12: Eligibility check


Nov 13: Announcement of Winners

Nov 13-15: Winners Confirmation


Dec 10-14: IWA Congress

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