[Bonn, Germany, May 23, 2023] – Following the signature of a Letter of Intent (LoI) between the NewIBNET team and Aquafed, the International Federation of Private Water Operators, a meeting was held during the 5th Global Water Operators Congress held in Bonn, Germany. The partnership aims to foster collaboration and drive progress in the water and sanitation sector by leveraging data and promoting learning opportunities for members. 

The partnership agreement solidifies the commitment of both organizations to work together toward enhancing the data culture in the water and sanitation sector. It emphasizes the significance of utilizing data to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and highlights partnerships' crucial role in advancing this agenda.

NewIBNET and Aquafed
Monika Weber-Fahr, NewIBNET Senior Advisor and Neil Dhot, Executive Director of Aquafed during the 5th WOP Congress in Bonn, Germany

Key areas of collaboration outlined in the agreement include the mobilization, monitoring, and reporting of data related to key performance indicators and management practices. The organizations will utilize data for learning, sector improvements, and developing data analytics around shared indicators, promoting utility performance and management.

An important aspect of the partnership involves the preparation and implementation of support mechanisms for Aquafed members to join NewIBNET and share their data. 

The partnership between NewIBNET and Aquafed signifies a significant step forward in global efforts to address water and sanitation challenges. By combining their expertise and resources, the organizations aim to enhance data-driven decision-making, foster innovation, and ultimately improve access to clean water and sanitation services worldwide.

For more information about Aquafed, please visit their website. 

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